You Can Re-Energize Yourself To Accomplish Your Goals By Following This Advice

Gertrudis Achecar
6 min readJul 10, 2022

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One of my favorite activities at the beginning of the year is to set my goals. I love the process of thinking what I want to accomplish, making and executing those plans, writing them down, and using pictures to visualize the results.

I think many of us feel that excitement of having a brand-new year ahead of us in which everything is possible. It is like having a blank canvas where you can draw (or paste) any reality you want.

And then life happens. We go back to work after the holiday break. There are hundreds of emails waiting for us in our inbox (considering that we were not processing email while on holiday). At work, there are new (or the same) priorities requiring our attention. Kids resume school and other activities.

The canvas is starting to fill up with what is coming at us vs. the picture we wanted to paint.

How can we recapture the magic of January 1st (or 2nd or 3rd)?

By doing a midyear review. Yes, you read correctly. I am proposing that we adapt a practice done today in many companies to our personal goals.

The first two weeks in July are the natural middle point in which to do so.

Since you wrote down your goals (you did, didn’t you?), locate the document, notebook, or vision board where you have them.

Start with your accomplishments

Revel in realizing what you have accomplished so far. You may have realized all your priorities and are ready to set new ones. Or you may have a mixed bag of completed, in progress, and not started goals. I am usually in this latter category.

Enjoy the accomplishments. Give yourself credit for them and celebrate even if it is by having your favorite drink or giving yourself a pad in the back.

Reflect on how you feel with your performance. What have you learned? What is the impact those achievements bring to your life?

For example, let us say that you met the target amount you set for your emergency fund…

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