To Get The Best Insights From Your Team Ask These Four Questions

Gertrudis Achecar
5 min readJul 17, 2022

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Performance reviews can be awkward and nerve-wracking for both managers and team members. For many of us, this means rehashing the same old conversations we had the last time hoping for different results.

A key element of leading others and leveraging the team’s collective talent, skills, and knowledge is to know their motivations and aspirations. One of the most satisfying aspects of officially managing others is that we can play a vital role in their professional and personal growth.

The best bosses I had were those who gave me candid feedback and who allowed me to deliver using my own talents, style, and knowledge.

Feedback is a gift. We do not always perceive it that way because sometimes the gift is badly wrapped or comes from the wrong person. In my journey leading others, I continue to improve on my gift-wrapping skills and to bring it at the right time.

Many times, the performance conversations are perfunctory with neither manager or employee engaged, feeling safe enough to be honest, transparent, and self-aware. Moreover, not everyone is good at giving or receiving criticism in a constructive way.

That is why it is important to create an environment that makes people feel safe and comfortable to open up.

I prefer to ask questions. I noticed that it disrupts the internal running commentary each person brings to the table. Let’s see what she’ll say now. I don’t think I’m doing well at all. She’ll put me in an improvement plan. I am ready to hear how awesome I am!

Asking questions helps me understand if both of us are on the same page (or at least on the same book). It also provides a lot of insight into what is important to this person.

Here are the four questions I ask

1) What would you like to be different?

This question gives employees the opportunity to share their ‘wish list’ and provide valuable feedback on processes that may be inefficient.

I encourage them to consider all aspects regardless of if it is possible to do…

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